National Health and Medical Research Council grants announced

17 October 2014
Congratulations to medical researchers awarded NHMRC funding

Today, the Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP and the Minister for Health, the Hon Peter Dutton MP, announced $539.8 million of funding for National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research grants and fellowships. Funding was for research across a broad range of diseases and health conditions including cancer ($98M), cardiovascular disease ($82M), diabetes ($54M), dementia research ($18M), arthritis ($12M) and obesity ($12M).

 Stem Cells Australia members awarded Project Grants included:

  • Associate Professor James Bourne (ARMI, Monash University) who will study a novel treatment for ischemic stroke.
  • Associate Professor Susie Nilsson (CSIRO, ARMI, Monash University) to investigate the capacity of bone marrow endothelial stem sells to form both the endothelial and haemopoietic hierarchies.
  • Associate Professor Clare Parish (Florey, University of Melbourne) to investigate the role of meninges in midbrain dopamine development.
  • Associate Professor Jose Polo (ARMI, Monash University) to understand how to induce and control cellular plasticity.
  • Dr Lachlan Thompson (Florey, University of Melbourne) to develop pre-clinical studies towards a cell-based approaches for cortical repair.
  • Dr Enzo Porrello (University of Queensland) to explore the regulation of endogenous heart regeneration by an anti-fibrotic microRNA and the regulation of heart development and regeneration by DNA methylation.
  • Professor Jane Visvader (WEHI) to further determination of the cellular origins of breast cancer.

Dr Anja Knaupp (ARMI, Monash University) from was awarded a prestigious Peter Doherty Biomedical Early Career Fellowship to support her research into understanding what makes a cell pluripotent and Associate Professor Ann Turnley (University of Melbourne) was awarded an extension for her fellowship.

In total Stem Cells Australia members received over $6M in funding - congratulations!

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