Neural Conference: on nervous system development and repair

06 November 2017
INTR 2017: Connecting an international neural community

The International Symposium on Neural Transplantation and Repair is held every 2-3 years to bring together an international community of basic scientists and clinicians sharing a common interest in central nervous system development and repair.

The 2017 INTR was held in Port Douglas on 13-16 September 2017 and was attended by a number of international speakers, who gave a wonderful overview of research being conducted overseas.

International and National Guest Speakers Included

In addition to the 15 guest speakers, the Symposium was attended by 75 researchers from Australia and overseas.

The 4-day Symposium covered several topics, from directed differentiation in stem cells, to cell transplantation for neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease through to other new tools and technology in neuroscience. The overarching focus on nervous system development and repair research was complemented by discussions on therapeutic applications and proposed and current clinical trials.

The INTR Symposiums place a strong emphasis on attendance and participation of students and early career scientists, which was certainly realised at the 2017 event.  Junior members in the program were the major part of the Symposium – collectively contributing to 29 invited talks and, as is tradition at the INTR meetings, 35 data blitz presentations. These short presentations were a highlight of the meetings, providing a snapshot of individual research projects in the network and generating fruitful discussions during, and after the sessions. 

Professor Perry Bartlett and Professor Ernst Wolvetang are Chief Investigators with Stem Cells Australia. A/ Professor Mirella Dottori is an Associate Investigators with Stem Cells Australia.

Stem Cells Australia supported this meeting as the annual event of the Neural Theme.