Stem Cells Australia 2017 Annual Report now available

04 April 2018
Download our 2017 Annual Report
2017 saw significant advances made by our researchers. We continued to expand our outstanding record of contributions to both basic and applied stem cell biology, including a remarkably diverse publications portfolio of 150 publications. Our researchers were recipients of many prestigious awards, grants and fellowships. Click here to download our latest Annual Report.

The strength of the initiative was reflected in the new leadership portfolio. SCA welcomed Professor Melissa Little as the new Program Leader and Professor Christine Wells as the new Deputy Program Leader. Melissa and Christine have brought a wealth of knowledge and skills to the initiative.

We thank Professor Martin Pera for his support and leadership as the inaugural Program Leader as we wish him the best. 

The Australian Government announced in November 2017 that SCA will receive an additional $3 million in funding, to reposition the research portfolio and keep Australian science at the forefront internationally. The future of stem cell medicine will be anchored by 3 pillars of translational research: Regenerative Medicine, Disease Modelling and Designer Cells. Each program builds on key research outcomes generated during the initial seven years of Stem Cells Australia and taps the complementary skills of our research partners to enable us to deliver results. 

The 2017 Annual Report highlights our research excellence, our collaborations with national and international researchers and our commitment to training and capacity building. Here are some of those highlights: 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our postgraduate students who completed their studies in 2017:

Dhanushi Abeygunawardena, University of NSW/ VCCRI
Walaa Alsanie, University of Melbourne/ The Florey Institute
Anushree Balachandran, University of Queensland
Yuyang Cong, University of Melbourne/ WEHI
Freya Bruveris, Monash University/ MCRI
Ryan Debuque, Monash University
Saed Fahd, University of Melbourne 
Alexei Ilinkykh, Monash University
Jarmon Lees, University of Melbourne
Grace Lidgerwood, University of Melbourne/ CERA
Elizabeth Mason, University of Queensland
Ali Motazedian, University of Melbourne/ MCRI
Elizabeth Qian, University of Melbourne/ MCRI

Please download our 2017 Annual Report for more information.